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The word Akasha means "Ether", or Aether (in English), Sky or Atmosphere in Sanskrit. The Akasha Archive is like a database of human thoughts, feelings, and actions that have ever been, and will be.

I "read" via access to the Akasha Archive.

There is nothing mysterious in it, The insight I share with you is most often "straight forward"

I would like a reading, what should I choose?


The more clearly you define what you want to achieve as a result of a reading, or what it is you are experiencing happening over and over again, often despite having worked with yourself consciously, the better I can guide you. The work here, - can be deeply transformative - if you allow it.

Again, it is extremely important to say that you have - at all times - the "control" in your own life. Where you are today is a "consequence" of choices you have made at some point, either in this or past lives.

Before booking a session,

You are always a director in your own life. Isn't it amazing!

If this is the first time we are working together, I would suggest you choose a "Soul Reading". it will give you a basic insight into who you are at the soul level, what gifts and talents you have with what blocks you from living in tune with who you are at the soul level, as well as a clearing of your "file" in Akasha Archives. You will get homework that supports this clearing, so you consciously participate in the clearing and healing that takes place.

Again, I would say it is not good, or bad.

I "read energy" and I am here to serve you for greater clarity, understanding, and love for yourself, and the underlying cause of, your current situation and experience. I "download" and disseminate the information I receive, and also translate it into concrete proposals for an action plan.

It's part of my life mission - and possibly - lovingly - to push to your limits so you can live the life you deserve.

The choice is always yours in relation to what you do with the knowledge I give you.

If you do nothing, nothing happens.


Below you see the opportunities to work with me as a private client. (Point to the square, to see more about the individual reading)

I do readings in both Danish and English



To your success, and empowerment


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Din aktuelle livssituation - det kan være et område, du ønsker at sætte din klare intention for, eller have afklaring på

Life situation

Hvilket tema er gennemgående i dette liv. Hvad har du valgt at opleve i forskellige facetter. Nogle kalder det livslektie - men vi er ikke i skole! - Så jeg har valgt at kalde det TEMA. Det kan være Magt eller Kærlighed for bare at give et par eksempler

The theme of this life

   Hvem er dine guides, og       hvad har du hyret dit team       til at hjælpe dig med?

Your Guides

Hvorfor er i sammen? - Hvilke temaer har i valgt at opleve sammen.

Parforhold, venneforhold, forældre/børn, Forhold som har en dyb indvirkning på vores livsvej

Relationships & Relationships

Arbejd sammen med mig over en periode vi aftaler 

Vi har en ugentlig session sammen, hvor jeg kanaliserer beskeder fra dine guides over det tema du har valgt at arbejde med

Coaching with your Guides

Hvem er du er på sjæls plan, dine gaver og talenter, og afdække de blokeringer med reference til dette liv, der forhindrer dig i at leve i overensstemmelse med hvem du er på sjæls niveau. Med andre ord, frigøre dig, til at tage nye beslutninger, i overensstemmelse med hvem du er

Soul Reading

The practical

En reading kan foregå enten via Zoom, pr. telefon, eller vi kan mødes fysisk. Jeg behøver ikke være fysisk til stede for at kunne lave din konsultation

Jo mere klart du definerer hvad du ønsker at opnå. Desto bedre kan jeg vejlede dig. Book din session.  

Hvad er nødvendigt fra din side

Når du har booket din session, modtager du en e-mail fra mig, hvor jeg beder om nødvendig information, for at kunne forberede din reading. Vid, at al information bliver opbevaret strengt fortroligt.

Vores session bliver optaget, og efter sessionen, modtager du en MP3 fil til download, så du har en optagelse af den information du har fået.

Min garanti til dig

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