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Readings & Sessions


Before you book a session, please consider this!

I'm not trying to scare you away, but I want to make sure you get the most out of your session.


The more clearly you define what you want to achieve, the better I can guide you. It is extremely important to say that you have - at all times - the control of your own life. Where you are today is a consequence of cause and effect. Again, I would say that it is not good or bad. I am an "energy reader" and I am here to serve you for greater clarity, purpose, understanding, and love for yourself, and the underlying reason for your blocks, and current situation.

If you haven´t worked with me before, I recommend that you start with a Soul Reading. That will give you fundamental clarity about who you are at Soul level, what blocks you, from living aligned with who you are at Soul level, and homework for you to facilitate the clearing of your current record, and so much more

Preparing the reading, I download and convey the information I receive and also translate it into concrete proposals for an action plan. It's part of my life - work - and possibly - lovingly-push to your limits so you can live the life you deserve.

The free choice is always yours according to what you do with the knowledge I give you. If you do nothing nothing happens . This work can be profoundly transforming - if you allow it. You are at anytime director in your own life.

Is´nt that amazing !! - I am here to empower you!


To your empowerment and success!


Vivi Borregaard Adamz

Below you see the types of sessions available

Hover over the square to see more about each reading


Who are you at soul level. Your gifts and talents. Uncovering blockages with reference to past and present lifetime that still blocks and prevent you from living in alignment with who you are at soul level in this lifetime. In other words, heal, and free yourself to make new decisions, in alignment with who you are

Soul Reading
Soul Reading

What " Theme" is ongoing in this life. What have you chosen to experience in different facets. Some call it life-lessons - I like Theme better, because we are not in school! -  Theme may be Power or Love,  just to give a few examples

Life Theme
Life Theme

Why are you together? - What theme and topic, have you chosen to experience together. Love Relationship, Friendship, Parents / Children, Relationships that have a profound impact on our way of life

Love and Relationships

Your current Life situation - it may be an area you want to target or clarify

Life situation


Who is your Guides,

and what did you "hire" them to help you with?

Dine Guides

Work with me over reasonable  period of time we agree upon.

We have a weekly session together where I channel messages from your guides according to the topic you have chosen to work with

Coaching with yourGuides
Coaching with your

A reading can be done either via Skype, per. telephone, or we can meet physically. I do not need to be physically present to do your consultation

How does a reading with me work

The more clearly you define what you want to achieve. The better I can guide you. Book your session. I´ll send you an e-mail, asking you for the necessary information, to prepare the reading. 

What I need from you

Know that all information is kept strictly confidential. Our session will be recorded and after the session, you will receive an MP3 file for download so you have a record of the information you have received.

My garanty to you

The practical ..

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