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Vision Board

Many people do not think that success has to do with the soul, but it has.

Everything starts with a dream or a vision

Creating from the inside out, will accelerate your path, and lead to a deeper, more fulfilling path

Vision Board is a way to connect with your dreams, & get clarity of what you REALLY want

And start manifesting it!

Poster Board, Collage ..., it has many names.

It is a very strong tool to create more of what you want. Picture out your true dreams crystal clear of what you truly want in your life.

No matter if it´sa state of being, money or actual material things. A Vision Board will work for you, and will be a top tuned GPS for the universe to know what to deliver.


Vision Board Workshops

In Denmark only! - unless you invite me to come to you - That would be GREAT!


And it is defenitly for you if you:

  • Want change

  • Want to be, do or have more

  • Have thought about it, but not taken the time for you to do it

  • Want to create clarity about what you really want in your life

  • You are at a crossroad - where to go from here?

  • No longer want compromises in your life

  • Desire to manifest - no matter if it's value-based, or specific material things

  • Never really given yourself the time to consider what YOU want in your life!


Your soul is the key

Invest in yourself

Do you know who you are at Soul-level?

It's probably one of the best investment you will ever make..and you were born to be successful

Whenever you experience blockage, or perhaps nearer "lack" in your life, it is likely that the choices you make are not in line and according to who you are at Soul-Level

Reading - Utilizing The Akashic Records

It's not just about gathering spiritual information or knowledge or understanding. It's about really living our soul's identity in very real, practical ways. It's about experiencing yourself at the level of your everyday life as the spiritual being you are and utilizing the power of your intuitive and manifesting abilities when creating the life you desire based on your divine gifts and who you are at soul-level.

Any choice you've ever made consciously or unconsciously forms your current experience. You can change it at any time!

There is no judgment, and there is a tremendous unlimited amount of love and abundance from Source itself, if you allow it. Living more aligned with who you are at Soul-level, will allow you to live more abundantly, and purposefully.

A great reason

for working with me, could be:


  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Are there reocurring situations you have tried to move on from, but always end up in the same pattern over and over and you do not understand why?

  • You already have healthy lifestyle, identity through your job, but something is missing ....!

  • Are you in a life situation where you need a bigger perspective

  • Your relationship - Who are we together, and why? (may also be family members, close friends or colleagues)

  • Which way should I choose?

  • What is my life Theme in this lifetime - What did I choose to experience?

  • Who are your team of guides? And what do they help you with?

  • Want to work with personal development, directed in alignment with who you are at soul level

  • Have a clearer sense of purpose and direction

I use an intuitive healing modality that utilizes The Akashic Records to unlock our potential at Soul-level, and remove negative karmic patterns that are maintained at soul-level.

Think of Akashic Records as a huge database that contains the full story of your soul, all the way back to its origins.

This insight gives you a powerful opportunity to take charge and leadership in your own life. Heal old patterns that hold you back so you are free to make new choice aligned with who you are at Soul-level. And experience life flow more effortlessly. A true empowerment.

I am a natural born healer, and have had access to The Akashic Records for more than 10 years. The frame of reference for this type of work is developed by Andrea Hess SoulRealignment®



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Energy, Frequency, and Flow

Simplify your life

Why not Allow yourself

only the BEST!

Let go of everything that weighs you down

"Clearing", is more than a regular spring cleaning - it's a way of living! You might also know it as Space & Clutter Clearing


Messy and cluttered stuff weighs you down. Prevents you from operating from your highest most clear mind your highest consciousness, and freedom. Whether it's mental, emotional, or physical clutter.


That does not mean that you can have things. But be aware, that the things you have, SERVE YOU, and not the other way around.

We often hold on to things that no longer serve us, just because they tell a certain story about who we are, or were.

Clearing is certainly a process, but once you start, you will start to recognize the freedom, and clarity, inner peace, and best of all, feeling tremendously EMPOWERED

And you so deserve it!

YES, I am deffinately interested in the upcomming webminar " De-Clutter your way to health, wealth, and clarity"

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