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Vivi Borregaard Adamz / "25 Words"

Healer, Spiritual Counseling, Coaching, Mentorship, Teaching and Lecturer



My name is Vivi Borregaard Adamz


I help leaders, and self-leaders with that change and to achieve the goals they want, without having to make unnecessary effort, and compromise with their deepest and true values

As a mentor, advisor, teacher, healer, I work with private clients, creative leaders, visionary self-employed and companies to their next level of growth and change, by heart and soul, with greater clarity, security and direction
Single sessions, and longer courses. Both online and offline.

I use a combination of my innate intuition, and spiritual abilities, and more than 25 years of business, management and teaching experience from various industries, including design, costumes, theater, and fundraising. It makes me see things, often differently, can think "out of the box" and provide sparring, and contribute in completely new ways.

I also give lectures on, among other things, the Akasha Archive and its Wisdom, and working as a "channel".


My spiritual awakening happened in earnest in 1989, 24 years old , where over a 3 year period I lost "everything". My whole close family - with the exception of my dear sister.

It led me into a path that was far deeper, and wider than I had ever imagined, and completely different than I had intended my life to be.


My job is to help you see yourself so that you can create the changes that are needed so that you can live the life you truly want and be all that you are.

I am creative, multi passionate and have allowed myself to embrace everything I am - not at once, but I can appear in different arenas. One of my great passions is leadership.

Go the way!

What I call True Success is living according to who you are on a soul level. That which is so natural for you to do that you probably do not think about it.

Often it is about adjusting the way you do things and a lot about sharing your passion and genius with the world while having financial freedom. Whether you are a business owner or not

Many of us think it's either or!

Over the last almost 30 years, I have developed tools to help and support you on the path to both and!

I have a strong belief that the better we are in all areas, the more we share the love, goodness and wealth we have.

I know it can be hard, living authentic life, and in a world of greed, and overwhelming demands.

Being financially successful means you are free! That does not mean being greedy or that we need to do it at the expense of others.

There is nothing divine in being poor or experiencing scarcity, and the paradox is that the more love and goodness we can accommodate in our own lives, the more abundance and contentment we experience. For the benefit of all involved. You have your unique place in this. Your life on your terms

Balance is one of the keywords, and what we do has an effect

Lack of knowledge about energy and how it works creates our belief in what is possible.

We allow ourselves to separate ourselves from the wisdom we all contain and have access to.

You are the power and you are definitely "enough". You are ABSOLUTELY worthy of a life of abundance - whatever it is for you.


"Oneness" - away from "survival of the fittest"

The world needs compassion and an approach that strives for "the greater good" for all involved - but it starts with you and me. You do not have to know it all. - your deepest values ​​and truth + systems and methods, adapted to the "soul of the company", and / or your soul, will make the journey so much easier, inspired, joyful, and meaningful

The world needs you to lead us - Awareness is the key

You can not change what you are not aware of, and when you are aware you can not avoid changing it

and when you know the truth about yourself first, you can lead and live from an authentic place, with a sense of connectedness, and a sense of being supported all the way all the way

It is true "empowerment", a life of purpose, cultivating self-love and service -

My purpose is to help you as far as I can, and to the next level in that process!


Ready to get started?

Use the contact information below - or book a clarifying interview HERE

I will get back to you within 24 hours at the latest

I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Blessings and lights

Vivi Borregaard Adamz









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