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My vision is to help as many as possible to know the truth about themselves, so they, from that setpoint have access to the infinite ressources, and the Universal Creative Power that is available at all times within, to create the lives they truly want


Spiritual Counselling & Mentorship
Healing at Soul Level


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Når indlæg er udgivet, kan du se dem her.

Kommende events

  • LIBERATE YOURSELF from what´s weighing you down and holding you back
    LIBERATE YOURSELF from what´s weighing you down and holding you back
    Time is TBD
    Less of what you have - More of what you REALLY want. Master your life, and feel the triumph, clarity and empowerment, that comes with de-cluttering Feel the freedom, when you know how to get aligned, and start co-working with the universe. A way to clarity, direction, and freedom
  • Vision Board Workshop
    Vision Board Workshop
    Time TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time TBD
    Location is TBD
    Den der tør lede og anerkende sig selv, vil være et eksempel og inspiration for resten af verden! Jeg arbejder lige nu på at finder datoer for 2019 - Skriv dig på ventelisten
  • Mindful Meditation
    Mindful Meditation
    Kommer snart
    Kommer snart
    Kommer snart
    Kommer snart
    Kommer snart
    Kommer snart
    6 minutter hver dag - Det er alt hvad du behøver

A Soul is not something you "have"
You ARE a Soul

Your possibilities are endless,

and your potential is unlimited

But do you know who you are at soul level?

What choice would be the MOST valuable for you to make right now;  that would matter the most and make the biggest difference in your life?

Vivi Borregaard Adamz

Hvordan kan jeg hjælpe dig

Personlig sitting

Personlig Sitting



This Practitioner (Vivi Borregaard Adamz) is so very good and accurate in her reading: I am positively astonished by her abilities and by her articulating gifts. Everything , that she said was an uplifting experience for me. She really helped me see the true nature of both my soul and my life/ past lives experiences in form of blockages and gifts .

I will recommend her to everyone, because she makes this experience awesome and unique and she does all that with lots of love and kindness



I was very lucky recieve  a Reading with Vivi. From the very first moment, I was received with a warmth and welcome that made me relax and receive her reading with confidence and relaxation.

Vivi was completely tuned into my Soul from the start of reading, and could instantly tell about blockages from this life and from past lives. She was good at putting it into the right words, so I could relate to what Vivi said, to my own life. She also told me what to do to get rid of these blockages, and I have, for example, been given a small home assignment that allows me to get rid of these blockages. This reading was on a much higher level than I have tried before and I'm so happy that Vivi is able to work this fine way and she's really good. I am a psychotherapist and have worked with my own backpack for many years. I knew that I could not get on this path through psychotherapy, so it's a great gift to meet Vivi. I know that from now on my Soul will develop and open up a lot of new initiatives that would not have happened if I had not received a reading by Vivi.


I am deeply grateful and can only recommend Vivi to the warmest.



It was an in enlightening experience for me. She gave me light over many things I haven’t thought about before. This is all new to me but, she explained it carefully so I could understand what was important and what was not.

There were many surprises during the reading and I got the chills several times -but in a good way.

She woke my curiosity for wanting to know more and I felt very strong about tough decisions I’d made through out my life. This was a very positive experience for me.



“Vivi has a natural poised and compassionate demeanor (essence). I felt that she could be trusted to be as authentic as possible and to care about my input. She was communicating in English, a second language to her and did it with ease. I wouldn’t mind having readings from Vivi every week!”




Thank you for your trust in my gifts,
it´s been a great honor to serve you 

 Client privacy 
There is no visible identity in the client feedback. All consultations are always 100% confidential    


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