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I would like to share one of the things, that is on top of my list, not only this year - Every soul is sacred, and matters!

We greet each other when we meet. Hello, Hi, Hola, can add - and I would love to hear, what you say in your country, if not already said!. But it´s a natural way, of starting a conversation, as the first thing we do, whether it´s answering the phone, or meet in person.

That one word, can signal - by our tone of voice, and/ or our body language, if we are happy to see that person, and in general our attitude towards that person.

Actually, that was not what I intended this blog post to be about.

When I met my spouse, the first greeting whenever coming home from somewhere, it was not Hello or Hi. But instead: "I see you!" - It comes from roots of being 1/8 native american, and is a normal way of greeting.

That made such an impact on me, in a way that Hello, would never be the same again. - I didn´t "understand" it at first, and polite as I am I didn´t question it verbally - but in my mind and heart it kept echoing. I SEE YOU, I SEE all of a sudden added another dimension to meeting another soul, And most of all, it put me immediately in a state of Mindfulness. And touched my heart, as a tremendously beautiful way, of letting others know, that they are noticed, without judgement.

Often, we seem interested in other people, but really, we are occupied with our own battling, and paddling.

Hi, Hello is a way of starting a conversation, in social media - we JUMP in, we comment mindlessly, and without introducing our self, or greeting, before starting - we comment on postings with. "YEAH, I think so tooo...." - we watch other peoples misery, and get upset, and agree that it´s awful, and shouldn´t take place, Allow ourselves to be upset, but of no consequence - or any real commitment, or being responsible. We comment, and move on to the next thing!

This is said with love. and I see you - I write this, because I find myself doing it to, from time too time, but less and less. And it starts with me, if I wish or want different, I have to DO different. So I have to see me too, and remind myself.

No matter who we are, and where we come from, it´s essential to us to be seen. We all have this deep profound need to know that we are seen. That we see ourselves, and that other people see us - as we are! - and mostly important, that we matter.

In the 3 words "I see you", is also an acceptance of who you are, when I see you, and for me those 3 words as a greeting, made a profound, and permanent difference, and education in what really matters. And it goes beyond our physical appearance.

What if all meetings and conversations started with: I SEE YOU, (how can I help? - if needed), otherwise simply:


Blessings - Vivi

P.S ( I ) SEE YOU - later....

PP.S Let me know, how you greet each other where you come from - Leave a comment!

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