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Carried by trust - saying YES, - without knowing HOW to do it

/BIG LEAP with grace

The phone rang. It was 1996

I had just finished a 3 months internship as a stage - designer assistant, for an upcoming danish stage and costume designer. It was a small play, only with a few actors.

After the three months, she was going to Japan, so I packed up, not knowing where to head from there.

I have never been afraid of "change", What I am afraid of is "not doing" I remember thinking, just before that call - " What´s next?",

I picked up the phone, and it was that exact stage designer, saying " Hi, look, I just gave your name to a director. They are conducting a BIG musical - REALLY AMBITIOUS, They are doing " Atlantis", and called me if I would like to take the assignment. But as you know I´m leaving town, and I told him, that you would be the one to do it!"

My heart dropped! - " What do you mean " The one", and what do I have to do? - " Well - she said - basically everything visual! - Create and develop the stage design, costume design, lighting, " Oh...I replied, and how many people are involved? - " I think about 85-100" - "Ohhhhh......i n t e r e s t i n g....I said. "Well here is the phone number, he expects you to call. Take care - you can do it! "

She hung up, and my head was spinning - and I couldn´t think straight. Tried to figure out the pro´s and con´s - very rational, and all the things I didn´t know anything about, or not enough about!

Wherever that clarity came from, that suddenly arise - I really don´t know? But somewhere between my heart and my brain, I heard a voice saying: When it comes to you, like this, then it´s FOR YOU, and you CAN do it, even though you don´t know exactly how - or not at all, no matter how big it is!

So I took the leap

I picked up the phone, scheduled the first meeting, and never looked back,

It went GREAT!!!! - a lot of YES, and a lot of fun.

... ...and by the way - we did " TOMMY " ( The musical ) - another crazy project 1 1/2 years later too.....

Since then, I have never turned down a phone call like that, and YES, it have happened in other occasions with great results

So I encourage you...

When the phone rings, and someone asks you to do the impossible - say YES

/Vivi Borregaard Adamz

/ Behind the curtain is an open door


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