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Vivi Borregaard Adamz

Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Coach, Mentor, Teacher, and Motivational Speaker

Director & Founder of
Vivi Borregaard Adamz 
 " 25 Words"

Hello, Thank you for being here to know a little about me. 

I will do my best, to make sure it´s worth your time


I have a Vision,

I want to dedicate my gifts to help as many as I can, empower themselves; reach their highest potential, and heighten the quality of their lives, by using my gifts as a healer, energy reader, and seer, sharing the wisdom I know and carry, utilizing ancient knowledge, and bring the light forward.

I am born and raised in Denmark, married to Shari, an American (also a healer and seer), and we are both currently situated in Copenhagen Denmark. The same city where "The little Mermaid" resides too.

In case you have never heard of Denmark, it´s that little "dot" on the map right between England, and Sweden, connected to Germany. - A great place to live! 


Multi passionate, With a long and various career in coaching, motivational speaking, styling, teaching, counseling and Leadership. Whatever i´ve been doing, I have worked with people. Leading and co-working with them to access their potential, and bring their light forward so they can shine in the world. Making it possible

As a professional fundraiser for Non Profit Organizations & Charity, I have had thousands of conversations with people over the phone, motivating them to take part in making things possible for those in need.


Leading teams, I have taught, coached and motivated more than a thousand people how to motivate themselves, and others. Both 1:1, and in groups.

In theater I have worked with creating & expression identity and character as a stylist and designer for more12 years


A Soul Based Life

Last year I finally decided to start my own "Soul based - Business". Creating life on my terms! Using my gifts and my experience, for the purpose of making an transformational impact on soul-level, leading to self empowerment for each of you I work with, inspire, and to help facilitate a deeper understanding of the potential, that are available to you as a human being, on your journey.

The benefits of the work is countless. Using just one word, it would be EMPOWERMENT


I LOVE what I am doing - and I am amazed to see how people transform in front of me. With the knowledge I am able to provide, and in actual practical action steps that frees an unlock our unique unlimited potential. 

I feel called to do what I do!

Working at Soul-level, started for me started almost 30 years ago. I lost my mother to cancer, and over the next 3 years my father, and both my paternal grandparents transitioned. That was the beginning of a journey, that is still going on, but a very different journey, than I had ever imagined.

I am a natural born Intuitive Healer and channel. I have worked with and studied energy in different modalities for over 28 years (consciously), some of them, not in the conventional way as a healer, as you could read earlier on.

For many years I didn´t believe my gifts, for several more years I didn´t know how to use them, in a way that truly would fulfill me, and serve others at the same time. And besides that, in my early years i was super sensitive, and didn´t know how to protect myself.


A Taste your own medicine

To lead and council others, you have to be willing to taste your own medicine! - And walk the talk!

There has been several blocks to release and destroy, masks to server, acceptance, and an understanding that to serve, is not necessary literally serving other people, by being available at all times and fix their problems, but more likely to be at service, in a way, that is worth both my time, and their time. I also needed to mature, and the world also needed to be ready for this kind of work.

It´s an ongoing journey, but I strongly believe that time is now.

Working at Soul - level, mostly using Soul Realignment™ as a frame of reference, gives knowledge, and tools for people to empower themselves. By leading them to an understanding of their own gifts, light, and ability to create more of what they want. 


From here..

Today I am in a place where I feel i truly and genuinely can be at assistance. And each client get the very best of all the tools that I have come across over the years. And the very best version of me. Be assured, that I will be present in your company!

The work I do is most often transformational , and empowering to the client who is ready. Each one of us have unlimited creative potential, and we do have the possibility to unlock it. - Most people don´t. 

Fear, procrastination, Ego, low self esteem, a long life trying to conform to rules and systems created by others - or by our own limited beliefs, often with stress and depression to follow.  It does not have to be that way, Isn´t that great!

I am available for readings in English and danish through Skype, or by phone.

It would be an honor to work with you


To your ongoing Success, and Empowerment

Vivi Borregaard  Adamz

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