THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU, so you can

go through life with a deeper sense of wholeness, and integrity.

This 3-step formula will assist you in doing exactly that.

The language of gratitude is essential, and Universal. Practicing consciously, and actively, brings us in touch with ourselves and each other at the core level of our being.

Starting with I AM, sets you in a state of claiming your own greatness, your part of the whole, and all that is. It is not ment as a selfish, and arrogant statement. It connects you with source - energy, and what gives life meaning.

This journal is a little more than just listing what you are greatful for. The formula, is a 3 - step process, when done as such, you will have an elevated  sense of connectedness, selfawareness, and empowerment


By practicing regularly, you will start seing your life become not only more fulfilled, but you will also see much more to be greatful for showing up in your reality, and experience of life

Gratitude is a sacred principle - Food for the Soul.

May it enrich your life in ways you never thought possible

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Vivi Borregaard Adamz


Like the intriguing name of her business, “25 Words”, Vivi Borregaard Adamz, is succinct, focused, intense, and committed when she works.
She can, within a given time, find the core of issues, touch them gently with her uncanny intuition, and awaken you to the theatre of your own life. With credentials that attest to her professionalism, and eclectic tools that ground and support the work, Vivi  offers something beyond the authorized and common.

The client will know immediately that she provides something more than the expected. Her advisement, her vision, surprise and inspire in deeply personal ways. It is a motivating pleasure and an education to sit with her.  Within two hours, she can move you from the limits of your ability to unrealized potential and actions.

Her workshops are activating shares, and Vivi Borregaard Adamz is a counselor guided by the Unseen Divine and by an  honesty and empathy uncommon in the field. She is a healer for healers, an educator’s instructor without ego or dominance, but tender encouragement.  


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