and your world to build

6 month Exclusive Mastermind

Building or taking your business to the next level

Step into the next millenium with Clarity, Certainty, and Direction

all the ingredients

to succeed at a much deeper level

Done feeling stuck!, and instead operating from a place of alignment with your most profound values,

What would it be like, if you had the life you truly want - and beyond? - Working from a place of inspiration, offering more profound service having the income to support your dreams

Time to step up, and step OUT purposefully?

  • Eliminate confusion

  • Increase awareness

  • Serving the clients you have always dreamed about - they come naturaly to you as a consequence of your clarity

What if you had 6 months fully supported

to uncover your truth, beliefs and values to create your future story

to build, or scale your Business without burnout

of deep insight, and clarity to bring to the world

Eliminate the biggest blocks, that prevents you from getting there

Not until, I decided to stand in my power, loving myself unconditionally, dicipline myself, and dare to believe that I came into this world for a reason, with my unique contribution to serve in a meaningful way

  • Your Possible outcome after 6 months:

  • Operate authentically, know your value and your worth

  • Clarity on who you are and your purpose

  • Taken a bunch of aligned action

  • Improved your self confidence

  • Allowed yourself to trust your intuition, and act on it

  • Structure and systems that supports the shape of your business, and your wanted lifestyle

  • Knows what next steps to take

  • Fall in love with your business.

  • Connected in with your business from knowing your own role, and the role of others involved

  • Stepped fully into your power

  • No more feeling alone, and depleted

  • Know how you want to feel, and how your clients feel, when and after working with you

  • Connect energetically with your goals, take proper action, and allow the universe to figure out how

YOU ARE: Who are you: Highly talented, profoundly skilled, overachiever, perfectionist, creative, intuitive, freedom lover, natural leader, powerful beyond meassure, and do NOT want to cope. You dream of a world, where you inspire others, teach, facilitate a life experience, that includes those things for others as well.

You might not yet be fully aware of your values, and beliefs, how to bring them into the world, as a real experienceand and what got you to where you are in your current ife situation. You feel a gap between where you are, and - maybe have a feeling - of where you want to be. You have already tried a gazillion things, some with success to some degree - signed up for courses ( you might not have completed - I have been there:-), and if youdid it, it was only to lead to the next missing piece, still not as a whole, which dawned on you already shortly after signing up. I want to greet you. You have come fare, but you are here now, you are probably in a place and space, where you feel ready to go to the next level, but you don´t exactly know HOW.

You want to be independant, meaning that you are ready to step into being your own CEO, and also want to go beyond conventional leadership, simply because what you already know, hasn´t been possible to implement leading for others, or the developement in your leadership, is not quite enough. It has really not been possible to "lead to wholeness"

You work by yourself, and miss the possibility of sharing, and get inspired by likeminded. Missing a place where you feel safe, and where you can share with other women, what´s on your mind and heart, regarding you big dream

Whatever your personal reason is, there is a way.

What if you could buld a sustainable business, doing what you love the most, sharing your gifts in a way that fulfills you, generating the income of your dreams, while serving, and having the lifestyle you want !

If you want my help, I would personally love to help you bridge that gap, so yu confidently step into the next millenium, as a spiritually guided leader, facilitating change from your zone of genius, so you eliminate overwhelm, and start recieving the abundance joy, and enjoy the prosperity life has to offer when you dare to recieve.

Leadership is a natural ability, and a soul quality. So don´t fool yourself into thinking anymore, that you need others to tell you what to, and how to think, be, do and have.

You know you need support - no one does it alone!

You know the value of being inspired by others

It´s fare easier to commit, when others are wittness

and the value of being able to get help whenever you get stuck

A combination of inner work, alignment, and exterior action, moving you closer to where you want to be! - Having success is not coincidential

You´ll experience:

  • 6 month support from a small exclusive group of likeminded women

  • 12 group coaching sessions

  • (1:1 personal & business reading with me) - optional

  • weekly accountability - you will have a personal accountability partner

  • Exercises, framework and templates to execute your plans for structure, and intentional goals for the next 6 months

  • Facilitated Inner work, to to connect, and create.

  • Establish a dicipline, that supports you intentional goals, and OUTCOMES

  • Celebrating your successes and you victories - big and small

  • 6 mths access to the mastermind material - I want you to take action!




The Mastermind is not a course build up in "fixed modules", you can study in random or chronological order.


What we will cover together, and for you to explore:

  • YOU and your Business  - Explore and map it out

  • Your Business and you  - Explore and map it out

  • establishing, implementing and integrating it into your reality  - Walk your Talk


Your business has it´s own " Soul", and it´s own life, as well as you do. The nurture, and love it takes to make you both thrive, may not be the same kind of nurishment


Among the things we will cover and explore:

Wisdom and Values - as your true North - YOUR VALUES direct your actions

What does spiritual leadership mean? ( to you) - how you percieve the world - levels of consciousness



Establishing dicipline

Co-creating & co-working with the universe

Claim your greatness

Calling in your clients

Balance: Balancing your feminine and masculine - understanding the principles

Soul qualities - connect, and implement for deeper fullfilment

Connectedness - with you and your business - enrgetical connection

Energy qualities - choice - action, and consequence



Walking in Wholeness - walk your talk

Life is what ou choose it to be

Clearing what´s not working for you

taking action

establishing healthy boundaries

Worth, and worthigness - (and selfsabotage)


Money makes thee...................... - This is a big one!

Cash flow


Money tracking







I offer - only for 6 women - a small exclusive mastermind group.

6 mths to help you get clear, taking action, implementing, and execute from day 1.

Your commitment, clarity, and BRING profound service into the world without owerwhelm. (You don´t have to have an absolute  plan - BEFORE you can succeed). You succeed as you go, and your confidence is only increasing with you taking action.


We start Nov. 12. 2019 - May 12. 2020

I only reserved 6 spots for this Mastermind. Just to make sure it´s the right fit for all involved, I need to know a bit about where you are, and where you intend to go, an application is required.

HIT the botton below, and take the first step to your new journey

and your world to build
Any other questions, not already answered, before you decide? -
Don´t hesitate to get in touch

When I started out, even with 30  years of experience, I was quickly struck by overwhelm, insecurity, and hated the thought of "visibility", and hardcore marketing. I had a profound desire to serve the world, and have a location independent lifestyle. There were constantly missing pieces. And my inner perfectionist started to kick in. I had the "I know that" - attitude, but didn´t execute things, because if I had the WHY, it didn´t match my HOW. and I felt lost in DOING, but not where I really should be focusing. And I was scared to fail, simple as that !

You might recognize some of this, or you might be in a place where you know you deserve the support, and mentorship, and want to skip the part of struggeling unnessescarily. Allowing yourself to get the support you deserve.

For me,

Joining a mastermind, allowing myself to receive the help and support, allowing myself to be vounerable, and taking my unique gifts seriously, bringing it to the world in a way, that is natural, and including. Get the loving kick, and encouragement to get out there on my terms, when in doubt, has accelerated my growth, kept me in alignment, and trippled my income, while serving on my terms