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You´ll never have to take ownership for (Almost)

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Hi there....

My name is Vivi Borregaard Adamz

I´m a highly intuitive, mentor, speaker, teacher, healer, and counsellor for lightworkers, leaders, business owners (also to be), and other kind of creative entrepeneurship.

I help them to bring their light forward to their world. Embrace and apply their sensitive intelligence, natural gifts and abitlities into their lives and business, so they can be, do and have what they came to do with greater ease and clarity.

One of the steps is awareness. Being aware,taking responsibility, and personal leadership in their lives as a creator of own reality.

Own your power!

I created the Miserability-checklist, as a reaction to patterns of misery - including my own. A way to discover, and once aware, you can´t help but change. Using reversed psychology, makes it hopefully more fun.

I hope you will enjoy it, as you step into greater awareness, and I would love if you would interact with me ongoing. The opportunity is inside the file to download


Best regards