What if there was a personal recipe

for creating exactly what you want?


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Creating the life you want is a personal journey. It´s your story to write, and your/our  world to build.

Freedom doesn´t come from letting everyting go, fly with the wind. hope for the best. Freedom comes from knowing, and knowing HOW. The human condition, is ment to allow us to experience  our own divinity, through the experience of being human. And the fact, that wheter you are aware of it or not. You are a powerful creator all the time, of your own experience. Clear intention of the outcome, is the nr 1 factor. for having what you want. Knowing more consciously how your personal energy works, and how you thrive, and what´s natural for you to do - or not. In alignment with your Then it becomes powerful, beyond.

When it comes to manifesting, it´s about experiencing your own powerfullness. Not randomly, but consciously

There is a recipe

There are 7 parametres when it comes to manifestation at soul level.


You use them all the time, but may not be aware of them.

When in alignment,  it comes with ease

But more important - when NOT in alignment, knowing these parametres, and what it looks like for you personly, you can check and course correct, and how to get back on track

This has nothing to do with ancient rituals - even though it doesn´t hurt, It´s  a blueprint, like  you have your unique eyecolor, and fingerprint. Not two are exactly alike. Even though the parametres are an overall skillset we comes in different individual blends

You have yours too.

I created a seven week journey for you to discover, explore, and implement, so you know exactly how to take action, and where to fokus.

the clarity that comes with knowing, is the most powerful tool you can have.

Get to know your own unique recipe, and work with me and a small group of likeminded to implement, and start consciously to create what you want

Outcome: Is to be able, and have the freedom to create anything you want, in alignment with who you are at soul level


To increase awareness, and live more consciously as a spiritual being - without standing in your own way


Step-by-step learning the 7 parametres, that in your unique combination, makes a whole, and aligned with you at soul-level.


to get in personal alignment and harmony with the 7 parametres, that - when understood, implementet and intregretet through awareness, will make you able to create what you want effortlessly

It will align with, and through  your intuition


it is not to be understood it is to be lived.

The more familiar you get, the easier it will be.

You will consciously be able to use this tool for the rest of your life. Maybe the most important tool you will ever get

You do no longer have to wait for things to happen for you - You can consciously create them. They will happen for you, and

They will happen through you

KNOWING what your unique vibrational chart is, you can adjust, and align, and more consciously check in, when things are not " moving", or entering your reality.

Who is it for:

You long for the clarity, certainty and direction, that makes you able to take powerful intentional action

You are probably highly intuitive - whether you know it or not

You are already on the path experiencing yourself as a spiritual being. You have you have worked with TLA, but want to be able to use it more consciously, having your personal experience your own blueprint for having what you desire.

You have already manifestet to some extend, and know it´s possible. But it seems random, and doesn´t seem to " work" all the time.

You are a spiritual seeker, longing for a framework, and the clarity, that allows you to more consciously manifest what you want in life.

What you get:

Your Personal Blueprint analyses sheet

1:1 Personal Reading and interpretation of your chart and how to practically apply it. In plain english

Each parametre explained, so you can go back and re-kindle.


Most important


Get it into practice - There is nothing I want less than for you to take another course, and forget about it. This could change your life! - what would it be like knowing for you personally what it take to create anything. And more important, to course correct , when not!

Recieve the support:

Have your questions answered

Each week live Q & A session, to have your questions answered, and celebrate your discoveries and manifestations. All in all 7 times during the process

More support:

1 month / 7 weeks support in closed Facebook group with likeminded manifestors a soul level.

It´s your time, use it divinely - to create what you desire


10 spots available

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This is what you do:

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And you are IN!

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Well I´m not going to convince you, your intuition has probably already told you wheter it´s right for you or not. But if you think you need that little extra encouragement to exercise that creation-muscle of yours, don´t hesitate to book a clarity call. I´ll be happy to help you.

P.S If you feel you need permission to step into your tremendous power and greatness  - don´t book  - You have it here, personally from me, and I would be happy to see you inside the program, and honored to work with you.



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With my background as a creative designer, and creator, I have more than 25 years of curious search and found, trial and error, a profound awakening in a very young age. 5 decades of life-experience. It took me more than 3 decades to finally come to the point, where I dared to embrace my natural  gifts as a healer, seer, and intuitive. In combination with my fast intellect, and clarity.

I haven´t yet dared to embrace the word Shaman, and that is probably not exactly the right word. There is a long tradition connected to that word, but I have always felt at home. My biggest challenge has been to translate and transform it into a modern context, that we can relate to, without compromising the ancestors shoulders that we all stand on. The wisdom I hold, the experience I have, and the profound wish to serve, and to share, is what I offer you.

I hope to see you in the COURSE

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Vivi Borregaard Adamz
" 25 Words "
Copenhagen - Denmark
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