You are about to learn how to co-create and have the universe to deliver on demand, working on your behalf

Vivi Borregaard Adamz

Mentor healer spiritual and creative teacher

Vision onBoard

4 Great reasons to

1- It´s fun

2 - You are challenged

3 - you have nothing to loose

4 - you get clarity

5- It goes behind  and beyond your rational thinking, which means that you will start creating the experience in your current reality. It is no longer a coincidence, or by accident

You risk getting what you want

you might think that it´s a coincidence that some people just have it all, and some don´t

it´s not!

The more clarity you have of WHAT you want, the easier it´s delivered to you!

30 years of experience

30 years ago I made my first vision board. Since then I have developed my own method, and want to share it with you so you can start creating your true orderlist